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What is anal beads?

What is anal beads?

Anal beads are sex toy and these sex toys are specialized for anal sex. The anal beads look like a silicone or plastic stick sex toy consisting with multiple balls attach together in series which are continuously use for inserting into the anal of a women and its speed completely depending on your stimulation or desire. Anal beads are made with soft material like silicone, rubber, latex, glass, metal etc. this anal toy look like the beads are threaded into string.

Anal beads are available in many sizes such as small to large. Small once are good for beginners. Those who use anal beads enjoy the pleasurable feeling they receive as the ball passes through the narrow sphincter of the anal. This anal activity is more stimulating with the anal beads and the other types of anal beads. Sex with all anal sexual activity, the anal beads and the rectum should be well-lubricated with a sexual or anal lubricant intended for anal sex. Sharing anal beads with your partner it doesn’t cause of sexually transmitted disease.

Types of anal beads?

Types of anal beads?

If you have never experienced anal play, but are curious and want to experiment, then anal beads are a great place to start. Anal beads allow you to indulge in anal play on a very basic level, but also give you the option to step it up when you are ready for more. So there are many different types of options of anal toys are available in the market and the online stores but in India you can only buy the sex toys commercially. Indian anal sex toys and other sex toys are banned in markets.

Silicone anal beads

These anal beads are made with the soft silicone and silicone are also soft and gentle for your anus. Silicone beads are also comes with different types of shapes and sizes like in u shapes, straight, small and larger also.

Non vibrational

These anal toy and anal beads are without vibration. These anal beads are stimulates the anal without the vibrations.

Vibrating anal beads

some of these are come with vibrational remote controls so we can easily control vibrations and speed with the remote control. This anal toy enhances the power and sexual desire of women.

Steel anal beads

So as we say before that anal beads are comes in different material so steel are one of these. This is totally good for the beginners and at the same time for experience also. Or you can choose any other sex toys for men and women’s like prostate massagers and anal plugs and dildos.

How to use anal beads?

How to use anal beads?

Get completely relaxed with a hot shower to loosen up any tense muscles and get really clean. Don’t think ever that it is a hard thing or you can’t able to do it just feel it and do it with all your perception. Douching can ensure extra cleanliness and avoid unexpected messes. So if you do the same so it will be easy for you.

Get really aroused first. Depending on what you prefer, indulge in porn or self- teasing. By making sure you’re all fired up, you will have a much better experience. So you have to try to enhance your mood with certain kinds of simple things.

Next just apply some drops of lubricant into your hands and lubricate your toy properly and just do lubricate to yourself. It’s important to your anal stimulation and painless anal penetration. Coat your beads well with lube. Starting with the smallest one, gently rub it around and against your anus. Bearing down slightly, carefully insert the first bead. This should be slow, intense, and pleasurable.

Taking your time, insert as many beads as you want- you do not have to take the whole strand. Listen to your body and respond appropriately and just speeding up slowly.

Precaution during usage of anal beads?

Precaution during usage of anal beads?

There are some precautions for whose using anal beads so the very first thing is clean your anal beads and any other anal sex toy properly and just check before use their edges are not sharp if it is sharp then its harmful for your vagina.

Secondly just lubricate your anal toy and anal beads properly both the sides of the toy and lubricate yourself also. And next you have to start with the small ball don’t be too harsh and fast otherwise it is so painful.